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Hydraulic Starting Systems

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The Technology that turns engine faster. With over 90% efficiency Hydrotors cranks any engine size, from very small up to over 70litres displacement. With various flanges, configurations pre-engage and soft cycle inertia starters, with a overhung pinion version, the Hydraulic starter can be fitted on any engine. 

If no ring gear is available, starting over a PTO is also possible. Hydraulic Starters combine the high efficiency of the axial piston motor concept which provides high torque at any temperature or environment. Together with the soft engagement Valve Hydraulic starting guaranties a minimum wear of the engine ring gear and the pinion.

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HYDROTOR© Hydraulic Starter - ATEX

The HYDROTOR© - ATEX from HUEGLI TECH is a safe and reliable Hydraulic Starter for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres. Fitted with a spark-free BE-Pinion it is ideal for applications in ex-proof areas. The integrated Soft Engagement Valve eliminates shockwaves, reduces mechanical wear and provides a high engine starting speed at any temperature. The complete HYDROTOR© - ATEX is certified to ATEX Directives – for a high degree of safety.

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HPS - Handpump Starting System / CPS - Compact Starting System

The small HPS / CPS from HUEGLI TECH is a convenient, space saving option capable of starting an engine without external power, even under harsh environmental conditions. The package is also designed to fit into the engine frame or genset frame.


  • Use in emergencies and / or total power failure.
  •  Accumulator is recharged by handpump.
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EPS - Engine driven pump supported recharging system

All HPS systems can be complemented with a special engine driven pump, either by belt or gear. Flanged versions are available. As soon as the engine runs, it starts to recharge the accumulator. This HYDROTOR pump incorporates an internal unloading valve, which switches the pump to idling mode, as soon as the max. adjusted pressure is reached. No more force is required for rotation. It will automatically cut in again, when the accumulator pressure falls below a certain value.

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APS – Airmotor driven Pump supported recharging System

Suitable for locations where compressed air is available.

Stainless steel reservoir with additional airmotor recharging pump. Marine classification approved, on large V16 engines Complete skid with airmotor recharging pump for 3 x 6.5 seconds consecutive starting attempts.

Application Sample - APS-CPK200B - North Alwyn

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MPS – Electric Motor driven Pump supported recharging System


Standard, or Ex-proof recharging Modules for remoteautomatic starting cycles. Accumulator(s) fitted separately in engine frame.

Note: Marine certification available on request.

Application Sample - MPS-B-225A-B - Sai Pem
Application Sample - MPS-B-BE300-B - South Pars
Application Sample - MPS-B-BE900-B - Arabian Chlor Vinyl
Application Sample - MPS-B-BE900-B - Lekas
Application Sample - MPS-G-600A - Usan

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