How it works

  1. Pressurized oil enters Spin-Clean on bottom right. (Inlet)

  2. Oil travels up the stationary shaft and enters into turbine bowl.  

  3. The turbine bowl begins to fill with oil and pressurizes.

  4. As a result of this pressure, oil is forced out of two nozzles at the bottom of the turbine bowl. This action results in the high rate of speed in which the turbine bowl spins.

    When the turbine bowl reaches desired RPM levels, dirty particles down to sub micron levels are forced on to the paper insert, (creating a cake-like substance) which lines the inner wall of the turbine bowl. 

  5. Clean oil flows out of the turbine bowl, though the two nozzles, and out the bottom of the Spin- Clean, back to the oil pan.

Additional Benefits

  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Cleaner oil
  • Centrifuge can be cleaned while engine is running
  • Will not remove oil additives or conditioners
  • Extends the life of the turbo charger
  • Aids in the detection of extensive wear problems