Professional solutions out of one hand for industrial Gas and Diesel engines for Governing Systems, Starting Solutions, Gas-Engine Management and accessories

HUEGLI TECH is a Manufacturer, Engineering company and Wholesaler with core competences in Engine Governing Systems, Generating Set Controls, Engine Starting Solutions, Gas Engine Management System, Engine Accessories and Dual Fuel Conversions.

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Marine starting solutions

Starting critical engine systems with hydraulic or air for main engine or auxiliary sets, and also lifeboat starting system in economical design.

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Certified engine starting solutions for the Oil and Gas industry

Hydraulic and air starting systems for the entire on and offshore area. NFPA Firepump systems, emergency diesel or gas generator and life boats.

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Gas and diesel engine Management

Diesel and Gas engine management and speed governing systems for stationary engines. Digital speed control with multi PID. Proportional actuators for pump mounting integral and external use.

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Systems and accessories for the offroad market

Accessories for the off road and industrial market such as, Battery charger, Engine Protection, Governing Systems, Oil treatment and starting solutions.

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Governing and control systems for Power Generation and CHP

Complete periphery and main controller for Diesel and Gas generators. Digital speed governors based on CAN Bus, actuators for integral or external use on throttle flaps or fuel pumps. Gas mixers for small and larger engine capacity including the corresponding air fuel ratio (Lambda) control. Ignition and anti-knocking system with integrated coil rail or loose coils. In and Output modules and more expansion modules.

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Hydraulic Starter - ATEX

The Hydraulic Starter - ATEX from HUEGLI TECH is a safe and reliable Starter for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres.

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