HT-SG-300 - Speed Control Unit - InGovern Series

HT-SG-300 - Speed Control Unit - InGovern Series

The HT-SG-300 is an electronic speed governor for conventional diesel engines. Its digital processing not only provides flexibility in configuration but also allows CAN J1939 data exchange with many modern controllers.

The unit will internally convert the signal from a standard inductive flywheel pick-up to an RPM value, display it on the 4-digit LED display and also send it as a standard J1939 value to a connected controller.

If the RPM exceeds the set Overspeed value, the unit sends the standard J1939 value to a connected controller.

The HT-SG-300 is supplied pre-configured and once the number of flywheel teeth is input (1 x press of [Fn] button then [+] or [-] until the correct value is displayed) then the engine will run. All parameters are stored in non-volatile memory.

The final configuration can be saved and downloaded to other HT-SG-300s for multiple engine applications or for series production.


  • Supply 12/24V
  • Speedrange 300 - 8000Hz
  • Number of teeth on flywheel 50-255
  • Adjust Actuator Output
  • Selectable Overspeed Relay
  • Selectable Crank Termination  Relay
  • 5VDC Terminal
  • Save configurations file to disc
  • Load configurations file from disc
  • Speed and function Display on device
  • GUI for Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11
  • Speed display on GUI
  • Actuator output Duty cycle display on GUI
  • Speed control voltage display on GUI
  • Big screen PID control on GUI
  • Wiring display on GUI


  • IP65 sealed
  • Bi-directional CAN Bus enabled
  • Clear LED Display (RPM default)
  • Simple 3-button Interface
  • RPM sent as std. J1939 value
  • Idle speed
  • Overspeed Protection with relay contact
  • Sent as std J1939 FMI code
  • Speed Ramp
  • Fuel Ramp




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