P600 Family - Control and Safety Solenoids

P600 Family - Control and Safety Solenoids

The P600 family is a group of pull solenoids built to withstand high temperatures and high vibration. The coils found on this product grouping are either encapsulated or potted resulting in solenoids tough enough to withstand a variety of environments. Originally developed for engine and diesel applications this family has proven its flexibility in mobile and stationary equipment, compressors and lawn and garden equipment applications.


  • State of the art construction for problem-free operation… “3-wire” design for reliability
  • Heavy duty performance in compact package
  • High pull-in force and continuous duty operation
  • Designed for high temperature / high vibration environments
  • Encapsulated and potted coils


  • Ideal for “on-to-run/fuel shut-down” applications
  • No “mechanical” or “integral” switch problems
  • Misadjustment will not cause burn-out
  • Ideal for “on-to-run/fuel shut-down” applications
  • Easily replaces most competitive solenoids
  • Many options available; boot is standard
  • Trouble-free
  • Cost Effective