HT-HSG100 - Speed Control Unit

HT-HSG100 - Speed Control Unit

The HT-HSG100 bi-directional electronic speed controller is designed for managing engine RPM and is a member of Huegli Tech's InGovern product series. The HT-HSG100 is designed to work with the HT-TM2200-75 actuator.

The governor features fast and precise reaction to load changes. A closed control circuit using an actuator and magnetic RPM sensor can be operated for a large number of motors in both an isochronous and static fashion.

High precision and robust construction makes it possible to use in the harshest motor use conditions.


  • Bi-directional drive
  • IP65
  • USB PnP communication
  • Multiple PID settings
  • Adjustable PWM chop frequency
  • 3 fixed speed and 1 variable speed
  • Overspeed protection
  • AUX input for synch/load sharing
  • RPM adjustment via digital signal
  • Current limitation for actuator
  • Adjustable via Keypad and PC software
  • Programmable Fuel Ramping Timing for black smoke minimisation
  • Display with good visibility under extreme temperature and lighting conditions
  • Simple user interface with 3 push buttons
  • Intuitive PC application software for configuring all features
  • Galvanic isolated digital input and output
  • Digital output indication for overspeed and crank termination


  • Ideal gaseous applications
  • Precise speed control
  • No analog drift
  • Highly repeatable performance
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Cost Effective





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