Dieselmatic NVT - Ether Starting System

Dieselmatic NVT - Ether Starting System

The DIESELMATIC NVT's patented system is specially designed to be compatible with the new generation of ECM engines. This revolutionary new unit is fully automatic. It plugs directly into the "Starting Fluid" port on the engine's Electronic Control Module, no separate interface is required. Full professional installation is accomplished with ease.

The DIESELMATIC NVT is activated by the signal from the ECM based on vital engine information (speed, temperature, etc.), to deliver starting fluid more precisely than any other injection system on the market today. The fully integrated metering orifice and filter have been totally re-engineered, setting a new standard in performance and reliability.


  • Delivers precise amount of starting fluid into engines intake system
  • Works in conjunction with engine ECM
  • Operates only when key engaged and engine is cranking
  • For Engine Sizes ranging from 12.14 - 19.67 Liters (741 - 1200 CID)
  • No operator adjustments required
  • Typically installs in 30 minutes
  • Compatible with 12 & 24 Volt systems


  • Fully Automatic
  • Faster start times (reduced cranking time)
  • Prevents cylinder scoring in cold weather
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Eliminates unnecessary idling
  • Economical