Dieselmatic - Ether Starting System

Dieselmatic - Ether Starting System

The DIESELMATIC is an automatic starting fluid system for diesel engines.  During engine cranking, the system uses an engine temperature sensor (ETS) to determine if starting fluid (ether) is needed.  When enabled, the system injects ether into the air intake system using the patented BLOKOR vaporizing fitting and injector nozzle.  The system also reserves enough fluid to maintain flow, after starting, to prevent the engine from faltering or dying, while reducing the amount of "White Smoke".


  • Delivers precise amount of starting fluid into engines intake system
  • On board engine temperature sensor
  • Operates only when key engaged and engine is cranking
  • No operator adjustments required
  • Compatible with 12 & 24 Volt systems


  • Fully Automatic
  • Faster start times (reduced cranking time)
  • Prevents cylinder scoring in cold weather
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Eliminates unnecessary idling
  • Economical