Hydraulic Starter - ATEX

Hydraulic Starter - ATEX

The Hydraulic Starter - ATEX from HUEGLI TECH is a safe and reliable Starter for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres. Fitted with a spark-free BE-Pinion it is ideal for applications in ex-proof areas. The integrated Soft Engagement Valve eliminates shockwaves, reduces mechanical wear and provides a high engine starting speed at any temperature.

Certified to ATEX Directives - for a high degree of safety.


  • Ideal for explosion-proof areas
  • Spark-free BE-Pinion
  • Smooth Soft Engagement Valve
  • Flexible mounting inside of existing system


  • With over 90% efficiency for faster engine drive
  • Eliminates shockwaves and reduces mechanical wear
  • Provides the same high torque at lower temperature
  • Custom-tailored starter suitable for all engine types




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