Information - Coronavirus / COVID-19

To whom it may concern
The current situation in Switzerland has been clearly described by the federal government which prescribed rules how to comply, taking precaution and necessary measures.
In compliance with the mandatory rules, we inform as follows:

  • Our offices are open during normal opening hours.
  • Orders via phone and email are processed
  • Warehouse goods can be delivered, insofar as the delivery services accept orders.
  • Workshop orders, for diesel pumps, please call office for appointment.
  • Sales-representative visits will not be accepted until April 19, 2020.

Tel: +41 62 916 50 30
Fax: +41 62 916 50 35

The Huegli Tech Team is at your disposal for any further questions

A big thank you to our employees, our valued customers, representatives and logistics companies.
We wish everyone courage, patience and above all good health!

We thank you for your understanding and remain.

Best regards
Huegli Tech AG

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