HT-GC-250 A.M.F. Single Genset Controller

HT-GC-250 A.M.F. Single Genset Controller

HT-GC-250 is the newest controller made for single stand-by gensets. The same controller can be also used for AUTO START applications.


  • 3-phase AUTO-START / AMF automatic genset controller
  • True RMS readings on generator and mains voltages and currents
  • 4 Configurable Digital Inputs + 3 Analogue Inputs +1 extra analogue Input +1 for D+
  • 4 Configurable Digital Outputs + 2 Digital Outputs 10A
  • Interface for MPU and J1939 engines as standard
  • Real Time Clock
  • Data Recording: 64 Events log
  • Built in alarm sounder


  • The controller can be used for electronic engines with CAN interface J1939 protocol and MPU engines (non-electronic) as well.
  • Configuring the Inputs, Outputs and protections, HT-GC-250 can be easily adapted to suit a wide range of applications.
  • All parameters can be easily configured through USB using the free software tool BoardPrg. It is also possible to set them directly through HT-GC-250 keyboard.



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