Aquafighter® is the ultimate cure for water in diesel. (Aquafighter® works best when placed into a clean fuel tank.)


  • Captures and Eliminates Water Directly in the Tank
  • Completely Prevents Diesel Bug Forever
  • Eliminates the Need for Most Additives
  • Reduces Diesel Filter Replacement by More Than 60%
  • Makes Fuel Gelling Obsolete
  • Makes Fuel Polishing Machines Unnecessary
  • Simplifies Tank and Fuel Maintenance
  • Reduces Tank Cleaning
  • Keeps Fuel "Clear & Bright" at All Times
  • Protects Tank from Corrosion
  • Over 7000 lab tests performed with 100% efficiency to under 70ppm
    (90% of these tests were performed by 2 of the largest fuel producers in the world.)
  • If Water Causes It, Aquafighter® Stops It!


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