6A LED Dimmer Module V99-0280

6A LED Dimmer Module V99-0280

A simple and cost efficient way to get different light levels into your vehicles LED lighting systems. This 6A LED Dimmer Module has 4 levels of dimming available. Dimming levels can be customized for EAU’s over 1000 pieces without NRE, however, for dimming level changes for less than 1000 EAU, NRE will be required and factory will need to be consulted for a quotation.


  • 4 Levels of dimming: 0%, 30%, 70%, 100%
  • DT04-6P Connector
  • Mates with DT06-6S (W6S Wedgelock)
  • Dimensions 4” x 2” x 1.5”
  • Rugged ABS Housing Mtg Flange Holes = 3.5” on center


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