Dieselstart - Ether Starting System

Dieselstart - Ether Starting System

KBi DIESEL START is a measured shot, metered flow, operator controlled high pressure starting fluid system. With a DIESEL START system, a chambered valve controls the quantity of starting fluid injected with each activation while an orifice in a nozzle restricts the rate of flow to a safe, effective rate.

Operation of a DIESEL START, measured shot metered flow system requires an operator to press and release an electric push button switch or pull and release a control cable while an engine is being cranked. With the electric system, a temperature sensitive switch may be installed (KBi Thermo-Guard), which makes the starting fluid system inoperative on a warm engine, preventing potentially damaging injection of starting fluid.

For engines over 18.03 liters (1100 CID), a DIESELMATIC system is recommended.


  • Safe effective starting to temperatures of 0°F (-18°C). For colder temperature use KBI's fully automatic DIESELMATIC system
  • Simple one-man operation from the cab
  • Controlled metered flow, which prevents ether lockup or over speeding of the engine


  • Faster start times (reduced cranking time)
  • Prevents cylinder scoring in cold weather
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Eliminates unnecessary idling
  • Economical