Q500 Family - Control and Safety Solenoids

Q500 Family - Control and Safety Solenoids

This family is similar to the P500 family, in that both are robust and industrial designed. The Q500 family products are designed as push solenoids that offer heavy work capability, high force and stroke. The Q500 family helps to meet the needs of the switchgear and valve actuation industries, as well as packaging equipment, braking, clutching, sorting, locking, cutting, punching, holding and clamping applications.


  • Efficient tubular design for higher forces at lower power input
  • High temperature coil insulation standard
  • Choose from 5 standard models, or specify custom designs
  • Wide range of wattage coils offer for each standard voltage


  • Provides additional level of safety to system
  • Customizable and adaptable for any application
  • Trouble-free
  • Cost Effective