D600 Family - Control and Safety Solenoids

D600 Family - Control and Safety Solenoids

This heavy-duty family of solenoids offers an integral cut-out switch for dual winding coils providing the benefit of high energy pulling performance combined with low, cool continuous holding operation without any accessories required. A variety of voltages are available.

Applications include fuel shutoff, dampers, industrial brakes, locking, positioning controls and large engine and vehicle controls.


  • Directly replaces “other” less reliable, switch type solenoids
  • An ultra-reliable dual coil solenoid with integral switch
  • No connecting wire between the coil and the switch to break
  • Connecting studs interface the coil and the switch for maximum reliability


  • Ideal for throttle control on diesel engines and to replace other switch type solenoids without rewiring
  • Trouble-free
  • Cost Effective