Dieselmatic EC - Ether Starting System

Dieselmatic EC - Ether Starting System

The microprocessor controlled DIESELMATIC EC revolutionizes high pressure starting fluid systems. It receives inputs concerning: Flywheel RPM, Coolant Temperature, and Starting Fluid Flow. The microprocessor monitors these data and injects precisely-controlled amounts of vaporized starting fluid into the engines air intake system to initiate the optimal engine start and a smooth warm-up while eliminating the white smoke and other detrimental effects usually associated with a cold start. The full automatic DIESELMATIC EC ensures that the proper amount of starting fluid will be injected into the engine at the proper time.


  • Delivers precise amount of starting fluid into engines intake system
  • On board microprocessor, temperature sensor, and engine speed sensor
  • Operates only when key engaged and engine is cranking
  • No operator adjustments required
  • Compatible with 12 & 24 Volt systems


  • Fully Automatic
  • Faster start times (reduced cranking time)
  • Prevents cylinder scoring in cold weather
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Eliminates unnecessary idling
  • Economical