Q600 Family - Control and Safety Solenoids

Q600 Family - Control and Safety Solenoids

The Q600 family offerings have the same characteristics and flexibility found in the P600 family in a push configuration. These solenoids are highly durable and offer protection from extreme environments. Applications range from throttle control, fuel shut-off, and compression release and are also frequently used in generators and over-the-road trucks.


  • Ideal for “on-to-run/fuel shut-down” applications
  • State of the art construction for problem-free operation… “3-wire” design for reliability
  • Heavy duty performance in a compact package
  • Misadjustment will not cause burn-out
  • High pull-in force and continuous duty operation


  • No “mechanical” or “integral” switch problems
  • Easily replaces most competitive solenoids
  • Many options available; boot is standard
  • Designed for extreme environments
  • Trouble-free
  • Cost Effective