HT-MiniMix Gas Engine Mixer

HT-MiniMix Gas Engine Mixer

MiniMix + ITB a unique combination of mixer and throttle

Huegli Tech present a modular system allowing the best gas mixer and throttle valve combination to be chosen to suit engine size and power. The individual parts can be close coupled if space is tight, but a short distance between them is recommended for the very best performance.

The MiniMix unit meters the amount of gas supplied to the engine and mixes this with the intake air. The metering unit is driven by a stepper motor. Huegli Tech offers two CuteLine modules that can provide the required stepper-motor input signal; HT-CL-AF1000-LS which works in combination with a wideband lambda sonde or HT-CL-1500P which uses the input from an inlet pressure sensor. The included software not only allows real-time adjustment of parameters during commissioning, but can configure the units to provide continuous CAN data to J1939-capable engine controllers. 

Seven mixer venturis are currently available with internal diameters between 35 mm and 65 mm. These can be exchanged in the field if necessary. The MiniMix mounting flange has an O-ring groove and a high temperature O-ring.

The ITB throttle bodies are driven by Huegli Tech’s well-proven torque motor with integrated feedback. The mounting adaptors contain a lever that usefully provides a direct visual indication of the throttle flap position. The throttle has sealed bearings and high temperature O-rings to prevent leakage.


  • Interchangeable Venturi Insert
  • Sealing through O-Ring Design
  • Lambda Probe or Pressure Map Control with Cuteline Series
  • CAN Controlled


  • Precise Air Fuel Ratio Control
  • For Natural Aspirated or Turbocharged Engines up to 150kW
  • Integrated Design