HT-TM2200-180 - Deutz 1013/2012 Pump Mounted Actuator

HT-TM2200-180 - Deutz 1013/2012 Pump Mounted Actuator

The HT-180 SERIES Integral Actuator is designed to mount directly to Deutz 1013/2012 and Volvo 520/720 engines. The existing mechanical governor is removed from the engine and the HT-180 SERIES integral actuator is mounted in its place.

The actuator exhibits high quality construction and is designed for high temperature operation.

Huegli Tech’s unique electromechanical technology provides proportional actuator movement, based on actuator coil current.


  • Replaces existing mechanical governor
  • Proven electromechanical design
  • Spring balanced system that allows the fuel rack to return to minimum fuel


  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Cost Effective




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