HT-FLR Series - Integral Actuators

HT-FLR Series - Integral Actuators

The HT-FLR-190 Series Integral Actuator is designed to mount integral to various injection Pumps of small engines. No external linkage or brackets are required to install this actuator. Also, when de-energized the HT-FLR-190 Series electric actuator provides the function of fuel shutoff solenoid. This is accomplished by internally moving springloaded the fuel-rack to the no fuel position.

Installing the HT-FLR-190 Series actuator does not defeat the engine’s mechanical governor operation. During the installation process, the mechanical governor is set 200-300 rpm higher than the electric governor’s operating speed. In this configuration the mechanical governor acts as an over speed protection and engine-power limiter, within engine manufacturers specifications.

The electromechanical design used in the HT-FLR-190 Series is field proven and provides a proportional actuator movement based on the actuator coil current.


  • A Low Cost Integral Actuator
  • Proven Electromechanical Design with High Reliability
  • Easy Installation with Minimal Setup Time
  • Fast Response
  • Environmentally Sealed, All Metal Design
  • Increased Operational
  • Integrity and Security


  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Cost Effective




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