Hydraulic Starter - Overview Special Versions

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A Series (CMO)

Old Part # New Part # Specialty
CMO-300271A-S28 TBD With radial port plate
CMO-300271A-S45 A1-12D2150-3A200-S45  
CMO-300271A-S55 TBD  
CMO-300271A-S55-BE TBD For DEUTZ F4L914; with Sparkfree Pinion
CMO-300271A-S62 A1-11D2138-1A200-S62  
CMO-308057A-BE TBD With Sparkfree Pinion
CMO-308057A-S66 A1-10D2125-1A122-S66-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
NEW A1-10D2125-1A122-S66-Ex ATEX; with Sparkfree Pinion and soft engagement valve
CMO-308085A-S58 TBD For VOLVO 2003
NEW A1-10D2125-T0087-EX ATEX; with Sparkfree Pinion and soft engagement valve
CMO-308126A-S19 A2-10D2125-T0087-S19 With special 2-bolt flange.
CMO-308126A-S20 A1-10D2125-T0087-S20  
CMO-308126A-S21 A1-10D2125-T0087-S21 CCW
CMO-308126A-S31 A1-10D2125-T0087-S31>  
CMO-308126A-S35 A1-10D2125-T0087-S35 With special 2-bolt flange.
CMO-308126A-S38/-S34 A1-10D2125-T0087-S38  
CMO-308126A-S40 TBD For DEUTZ FL 1011
CMO-308126A-S41-BE TBD With Sparkfree Pinion
CMO-308126A-S49 TBD For DEUTZ FL 2011
CMO-308126A-S51 A1-10D2125-T0087-S51 For Deutz 2011
CMO-308126A-S51-BE A1-10D2125-T0087-S51-BE For DEUTZ 2011; with Sparkfree Pinion
CMO-308126A-S52 TBD  
CMO-308126A-S54 A1-10D2125-T0087-S54 CCW
CMO-308126A-S56 A1-10D2125-T0087-S56 With Special 2-bolt flange; 9T, 10DP
CMO-308126A-S56 A1-10D2125-T0087-S56-BE With Special 2-bolt flange; 9T, 10DP; with Sparkfree Pinion
CMO-308126A-S57 A1-10D2125-T0087-S57 With 2-bolt flange, 15T, Mod.2.5
CMO-308126A-S59 A1-10D2125-T0087-S59 For Perkins 403
CMO-308126A-S59-BE A1-10D2125-T0087-S59-BE For Perkins 403; with Sparkfree Pinion
CMO-308126A-S60-CS A1-10D2125-T0087-S60 For CAT 2.2
CMO-308126A-S60-CS-BE A1-10D2125-T0087-S60-CS-BE For CAT 2.2; with Sparkfree Pinion
CMO-308126A-S63 A1-10D2125-T0087-S63 With special 2-bolt flange. Pinion housing Ø74x60 mm.
CMO-308126A-S64 A1-10D2125-T0087-S64  
CMO-308126A-S65 A1-10D2125-T0110-S65  
CMO-308126A-S67 A1-10D2125-T0087-S67  
CMO-308135A-S42 TBD  
CMO-308218-BE A1-09B1106-TJ096-BE With Sparkfree Pinion

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B Series (CMA)

Old Part # New Part # Specialty
CMA-308001A-S27 B1-09E1090-T0155-S27 For MWM 327, DEUTZ F2L410
CMA-308001A-S27-BE B1-09E1090-T0155-S27-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308001A-S56 B1-09E1090-T0155-S56  
CMA-308001A-S56-BE B1-09E1090-T0155-S56-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308001A-S97 CMA-308001B-S97  
CMA-308001A-S97-BE B1-09E1090-T0155-S97-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308001B-S27 B1-09B1106-T0094-S27  
CMA-308001B-S27-BE B1-09E1090-T0155-S27-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308001B-S56 B1-09F1090-T0155-S56  
CMA-308001B-S56-BE B1-09F1090-T0155-S56-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308001B-S97 B1-09F1090-T0155-S97  
CMA-308188-B-BE TBD  
CMA-308002A-S79 TBD  
CMA-308002A-S87 TBD  
CMA-308002A-S87-BE TBD With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308002A-S95 B1-10D2125-1A200-S95 For Volvo D9
CMA-308002B-BE B1-10D2125-1A200-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308002B-EX B1-10D2125-1A200-EX ATEX; with Sparkfree Pinion and soft engagement valve
CMA-308002B-S37 B1-10D2125-1A200-S37  
CMA-308002B-S37-BE B1-10D2125-1A200-S37-BE With Sparkfree Pinion ; 10/11.8/10DP
CMA-308002B-S79 B1-10D2125-1A200-S79  
CMA-308002B-S79-BE B1-10D2125-1A200-S79-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308002B-S87 B1-10D2125-1A200-S87  
CMA-308002B-S87-BE B1-10D2125-1A200-S87-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
NEW B1-10D2125-1A200-S87-Ex ATEX; with Sparkfree Pinion and soft engagement valve
CMA-308002B-S95 B1-10D2125-1A200-S95 For Volvo D9 and D11-625
CMA-308002B-S95-BE B1-10D2125-1A200-S95-BE For Volvo D9; with Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308002B-S103 TBD  
CMA-308002B-S103-BE TBD  
CMA-308002B-S104 B1-10D2125-1A200-S104 For Caterpillar C 6.6
CMA-308002B-S104-BE B1-10D2125-1A200-S104-BE For Caterpillar C 6.6; with Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308002B-S116 B1-10D2125-1A200-S116  
CMA-308002B-S117 B1-10D2125-1A200-S117  
CMA-308002B-S117-BE B1-10D2125-1A200-S117-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308003A-S29 TBD  
CMA-308003A-S39 TBD  
CMA-308003A-S9 TBD  
CMA-308005B-S82 TBD for BAUDOIN DNP 5
CMA-308006A-BE B1-12D2150-3A200-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308006A-S98-BE TBD With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308006B-BE B1-12D2150-3A200-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308006B-S84 B1-12D2150-2A200-S84 For Volvo D13 with production date until 2013
CMA-308006B-S84-BE B1-12D2150-2A200-S84-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308006B-S109 B1-12D2150-3A200-S109  
CMA-308006B-S109-BE B1-12D2150-3A200-S109-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308006B-S114-BE B1-12D2150-3A200-S114-BE With shorter pinion housing and shaft; with Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308006B-S123 B1-12D2150-3A200-S123 With shorter pinion housing and shaft
CMA-308029-S122 B1-12D2150-2A200-S122-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308008A-BE CMA-308008B-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308008B-BE B1-11C2183-3A200-BE With 2 Adapter G1/2"; with Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308008B-S108 B1-11C2183-3A200-S108 For Liebherr D9508; with 2 x adapter G 1/2"
CMA-308020B-BE B1-10D2125-3A200-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308020B-S120 B1-10D2125-3A126-S120  
CMA-308021A-BE CMA-308021B-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308021A-S93 TBD For Mercedes OM 501LA E2/1; with 2 adapters R1/2"
CMA-308021A-S99 CMA-308021B-S99 For Mercedes OM 501LA E2/1; with 2 adapters R1/2"
CMA-308021B-S99 B1-11C2183-2A200-S99 For Mercedes OM 501LA E2/1; with 2 adapters R1/2"
CMA-308123A-BE TBD With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308123A-S100 TBD For HINO HO7C; special version
CMA-308123A-S23 B1-11B1130-1A200-S23  
CMA-308123A-S41 B1-11B1130-1A200-S41 For SCANIA DS 11
CMA-308123A-S96 TBD For SCANIA DS 12/14; CCW
CMA-308123B-BE B1-11B1130-1A200-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308123B-S101-BE TBD Special version for ISUZU 6SD1; with Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308123B-S102 TBD  
CMA-308123B-S110 TBD  
CMA-308123B-S23 B1-11B1130-1A200-S23 For SCANIA DS 12/14
CMA-308123B-S41 B1-11B1130-1A200-S41 For SCANIA DS 11
CMA-308123B-S42 B1-11B1130-1A200-S42 Deutz FGL 413
CMA-308123B-S83 TBD  
CMA-308123B-S89 B1-11B1130-1A200-S89  
CMA-308123B-S89-BE B1-11B1130-1A200-S89-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308123B-S96 TBD For SCANIA DS 12/14; CCW
CMA-308129-S20 B1-09B1106-1A200-S20  
CMA-308129A-BE B1-09B1106-1A200-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308129A-S30 B1-09B1106-1A200-S30  
CMA-308129A-S30-BE B1-09B1106-1A200-S30-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308129A-S38 TBD  
CMA-308129B-S30 B1-09B1106-1A200-S30  
CMA-308129B-S30-BE B1-09B1106-1A200-S30-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308129B-S36 B1-09B1106-1A200-S36  
CMA-308129B-S66 B1-09B1106-1A200-S66  
CMA-308130B-S106-BE TBD With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308137A-S86 CMA-308137B-S86 For VOLVO TD71G
CMA-308137B-S86 B1-09B1106-FA200-S86 For VOLVO TD71G
CMA-308138A-BE B1-11B1130-1A200-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308138B B1-11B1130-1A200-S119  
CMA-308148A-S94 TBD  
CMA-308149B-S107 TBD  
CMA-308150A-S47 B1-09B1106-3D200-S47 For MAN D 2866
CMA-308150A-S50-BE B1-09B1106-1A200-S50-BE With 2 adapters 1/2"; with Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308150B-S105 TBD  
CMA-308150B-S47 B1-09B1106-3D200-S47  
CMA-308150B-S50 B1-09B1106-1A200-S50 With Steel Pinion
CMA-308150B-S50-BE B1-09B1106-1A200-S50-BE With 2 adapters 1/2"; with Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308154A-BE CMA-308154B-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308154B-BE B1-10E2100-1A200-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308154B-S115-BE B1-10E2100-1A200-S115-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308188-B-BE TBD  
CMA-308198B-BE B1-09B2106-KA094-AB With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-308201A-BE TBD With Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-309002B-BE TBD Steel housing Sparkfree Pinion
CMA-309002B-S103-BE B1-10D2125-1B200-D7-S103-BE Ductile iron housing
CMA-309002B-S104-BE B1-10D2125-1B200-D7-S104-BE Ductile iron housing
CMA-309198B-BE TBD Steel housing Sparkfree Pinion
NEW B1-10D2125-1A124-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
NEW B1-10D2125-1A124-EX ATEX; with Sparkfree Pinion and soft engagement valve
NEW B1-10D2125-TA200-S121 John Deere

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C Series (CMD-2A)

Old Part # New Part # Specialty
CMD-2A-111-BE C1-11C2200-30200-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
NEW C1-11C2200-30200-EX ATEX; with Sparkfree Pinion
CMD-2A-111-S48-BE TBD With Sparkfree Pinion; 1/2" adapters
NEW C1-11C2200-30200-EX-S57 ATEX; with Sparkfree Pinion; with Port plate 180°
CMD-2A-111-S52 TBD For Detroit S60
CMD-2A-111-S52-BE TBD For Detroit S60
CMD-2A-111-S55-BE C1-11C2200-30200-S55-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
NEW C1-11C2200-30200-S57 With Steel pinion; Port Plate 180°; with Soft Engagement Valve
CMD-2A-111-SEV-BE TBD With soft engagement valve
CMD-2A-8101-S23 TBD To Deutz F12L413
CMD-2A-8101-S34 TBD  
CMD-2A-8101-S36 C1-13D2163-30200-S36 For Mitsubishi S6RM, S6A 30 NPTA, S6R2 MPTA, S6A3 Marine; 11Z/Mod3.5
CMD-2A-8101A-BE TBD With Sparkfree Pinion

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D Series (CMD-3A)

Old Part # New Part # Specialty
CMD-3/2A-111-S49 TBD  
CMD-3/2A-111-S50 TBD  
CMD-3/2A-111-S50-BE TBD  
CMD-3/2A-111-S50-BE-VD TBD Incl. Soft Engagement Valve
CMD-308155A-BE C1-12D2150-30200-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CMD-308155A-S45 TBD  
CMD-308155A-S53 TBD With 1/2'' adapters
CMD-3A-111-BE/-224-BE D1-12C2200-30200-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
NEW D1-12C2200-30200-EX ATEX; with Sparkfree Pinion and soft engagement valve
CMD-3A-111-S37 D1-12C2200-30200-S37  
CMD-3A-111-S46 D1-15C1236-C0200-S46 15Z/Mod.4/Eingriffw.14.5°
CMD-3A-111-S47 D1-12C2200-30200-S47 With spacer 4 mm, for CAT C16; with 2 adapters 1/2"BSPF
CMD-3A-111-S47-BE D1-12C2200-30200-S47-BE With spacer 4 mm, for CAT C10; with 2 adapters 1/2"BSPF
CMD-3A-111-S54 TBD  
CMD-3A-111-S56 D1-12C2200-30200-S56  
NEW D1-12C2200-3L200-S3 With longer pinion housing

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E Series (CME)

Old Part # New Part # Specialty
CME-5A-111-BE E1-12C2200-30200-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
CME-5A-141-BE E1-11C2200-30200-BE With Sparkfree Pinion
NEW E1-11C2200-30200-EX ATEX; with Sparkfree Pinion and soft engagement valve
CME-5A-141-S1 CME-5A-229 /
CME-5A-141-S2-BE TBD W. Sparkfree Pinion 13T mod3.5
NEW E1-12C2200-3L200-EX ATEX; with Sparkfree Pinion and soft engagement valve
NEW E1-12C2200-3L200-S3 with rotated Pinion Housing for Engine CAT-3512

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