LSU 4.2 - Lambda Sensor

LSU 4.2 - Lambda Sensor

This sensor is designed to measure the proportion of oxygen in exhaust gases of automotive gasoline engines.

The wide band lambda sensor LSU 4.2 is a planar ZrO2 dual cell limiting current sensor with integrated heater. Its monotonic output signal in the range of lambda 0.65 to air makes the LSU capable of being used as a universal sensor for lambda 1 measurement as well as for other lambda ranges. The connector module contains a trimming resistor, which defines the characteristic of the sensor.

The main benefit of the LSU is the very robust design.

This lambda sensor operates only in combination with a special LSU-IC, which is implemented in the HT-CL-AF1000-LS.


  • Exhaust gas temperature range (max.) for short time <1300°C
  • Max. Hexagon temperature 570°C
  • Wide-band




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