HPS - Hand pump Starting System

HPS - Hand pump Starting System

The world’s smallest Hydraulic Starting System from HUEGLI TECH. Designed to fit into an engine or Genset frame. System will be recharged by hand pump.

It greatly simplifies the installation of a Hydraulic Starting System by plug and play and eliminates complicated locating and piping of the single system components to the engine.

All HPS Hand Pump Starting Systems are optimised to work with a Hydraulic Starter from the A and B Series.


  • Accumulator can be recharged easily and fast by hand pump
  • Simple connection to the Hydrotor with one hose kit only
  • Can be enhanced by additional pump for automatic recharging (EPS, MPS, APS)


  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Economically advantageous All-in-One solution
  • Independent operation in emergency of total power failure



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