HT-CL55k – High Power Ignition Coil

HT-CL55k – High Power Ignition Coil

The HT-CL55k ignition coil is designed to provide powerful and efficient spark ignition for naturally aspirated, turbo charged, stoichiometric or lean burn gaseous fuelled engines. The coil is also ideal for engines with large cylinders using low calorie fuels and works well with direct and indirect (prechamber) combustion engines.

Equipped with LT connections, the HT-CL55k ignition coil is a single, high efficiency, compact, dry ignition coil designed to work with Huegli Tech’s LEF200 ignition module to provide the long programmable spark duration required for clean burning internal combustion engines.


  • High Power Coil
  • IP 68 Rating


  • High Efficiency
  • High Reliability
  • For medium size engine