Gas Mixer System

The RM Mixer is an enhanced sophisticated Air Gas blender based on the approved ring gap principal. Due to a precise mechanical gear system an accurate Lambda control tolerance smaller than ± 0.01 is guaranteed. Engineering and design has achieved a level which allows using the mixer for Natural, Bio and other gas application. Robustness and environmental protection makes this mixer unique and extremely user friendly.

Very unique, the mechanical chamber is separated from the gas inlet area, hence the mixer can operate continuously without being contaminated.

An integrated, well protected electronics’ PCB equipped with several Inputs and Outputs provides monitoring features for all important parameter like, gas inlet, air filter clock up, exhaust temperature etc. An analogue output can be used as a drive. CAN Bus communication allows flexibility together with Gen Set Controller and our CuteLine serie and cost savings for additional I/O’s.

Product Features

  • Accurate gas metering
  • Fast response to load transient
  • CAN Communication
  • On board I/O’s
  • Automatic and Manual drive
  • RM-814 (4-14 litre engine displacement)
  • RM-25 (14-25 litre engine displacement)
  • Status indication

Recommendation of piping

Gas Mixer System Overview