Starting Solutions Overview

Hydraulic Starting Systems

HUEGLI TECH has been designing and manufacturing Hydraulic Starting Systems for over 50 years. Our vast knowledge, best practices experience, and close relationship with the market allow us to best serve our customers. HUEGLI TECH’s Starting Solutions and expert advice provide customers with an individual and reliable solution that fulfils all their requirements and expectations.


Air Starting

In the hazardous world of harsh industrial environments Air Starting Systems are essential for safe and reliable engine starting. The prime objective of HUEGLI TECH is to provide the best solutions and products that meet customers’ requirements. Our aim is to offer individual and convenient Air Starting Systems which gives consistently reliable starting at any time.


Cold Start Systems

As a leading company in Starting Solution, HUEGLI TECH has a solution that will keep pace with the cold starting requirements of new diesel engines. DIESELMATIC NVT is a fully automatic starting fluid system which improves the performance of any diesel engine for a perfect start at any time, regardless of the ambient temperature.