HT-DDD100 - Speed Control Unit

HT-DDD100 - Speed Control Unit

The HT-DDD100, part of the Huegli Tech’s InGovern Series, is a digital electronic high precision engine speed governor for controlling motor rotation speed on single engines that require dual fuel pumps or throttle body actuators.


  • Digital Closed loop Control System with actuator position feedback, EGT and RPM Speed sensor to achieve perfect fuel equalization on each cylinder banks.
  • Works seamlessly with Huegli Tech Family of Products namely, the InControl Series TM Torque Actuators and Huegli Tech Genset Control Systems.
  • Intuitive keypad and PC software interface for ease of setting configuration.
  • 7-Segment LED display readable under extreme operating environment
  • Short Circuit Protection on actuator output driver and power supply to feedback sensors. USB interface for firmware upgrading by service technicians
  • CAN Bus and USB interface allow for connection to Huegli Tech Controller or PC for configuration setting.
  • Hard potted PCBA together with robustly built casing to achieve IP65 rating


  • Precise speed control
  • No analog drift
  • Highly repeatable performance
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Cost Effective






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