What is Spin-Clean

Spin-Clean is a true centrifuge that, when sized properly, will remove the wear abrasives from the oil down to less than one micron.  This will reduce engine wear a minimum of 40 - 50%.  The properly sized centrifuge recommended for your engine will not use more than 10% of the engine oil pump output.  (10% is the acceptable measure by engine manufactures for by-pass (side stream) oil cleaning.)  The 10% taken to supply the Centrifuge does not negatively impact the oil demanded by the engine.

The lube oil cleaning Centrifuge removes the solids from the engine oil using centrifugal force, a force of 1000 “G’s”, or 1000 times the force of gravity.  These solids are stored inside of the rotating turbine bowl, which will hold more than 10 times the solids of your engines full-flow filters.  The act of exposing the oil to 1000 “G’s” is what results in micron removal less than one.  Once the particles have been removed the clean oil is then returned to the oil pan.